“The National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska in partnership with the United States Strategic Command and the Department of Defense is providing our nation with cutting edge mission-essential research and development capabilities in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction. The science of countering WMD being conducted in Nebraska will help to ensure the United States’ safety and preparedness to respond to national security threats.”
Admiral Cecil D. Haney, Commander, USSTRATCOM

“This partnership between the National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI) at the University of Nebraska (NU) and United States Strategic Command is an extraordinary development for our university, our state and our nation. The research being conducted at the NU campuses, as a result of the NSRI leadership and collaboration with the Department of Defense, strengthens our national security, enhances the critical defense system in place at USSTRATCOM and recognizes the world-class research at the University of Nebraska.”
Dr. Hank Bounds, President, University of Nebraska

The Power of Nebraska

State of the Art Research
State-of-the-Art Research Facilities

The University of Nebraska’s world-class facilities and researchers find solutions to the most pressing Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction challenges.

USSTRATCOM Partnership

NSRI’s partnership with USSTRATCOM provides multiple leverage points to understand CWMD requirements, advocacy for paths-to-solutions to federal agencies, and coordination of cutting-edge research.

Research Faculty

Access to over 350 interdisciplinary experienced researchers —in areas from microbiology to physics; bioinformatics to foreign relations—unparalleled ability to solve CWMD challenges.

Growing the Next Generation

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Researchers Available Across Four NU Campuses

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Our partnership with USSTRATCOM provides an invaluable understanding of CWMD requirements gaps that require significant research solutions. Our UARC is a rapid response way to meet your research requirements. Find out what we can accomplish together.

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