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As a trusted agent of the federal government, NSRI supports national interests and strategies by providing the Department of Defense and other federal agencies with evolutionary and revolutionary solutions to the dangerous and emerging threats of today and of the future.

One of the most critical solutions is a knowledgeable, capable and committed workforce equipped to carry forward 21st-century national security missions. NSRI invests its time, talent and resources into developing students from the University of Nebraska and beyond to pursue defense-related careers.

Student Highlights

Alisha Bevins, UNL Student 2019

Alicia Bevins

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering

"Working on this team with computer science researchers and students showed me what was possible when you bring these disciplines together. This project is the reason why I’ve gone on to graduate school."
Ashlee McGill, UNL Student 2020

Ashlee McGill

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Political Science

"I was going to be a special prosecutor until I took a class on nuclear deterrence. I thought, ‘This is mind-blowing, and it’s still something we have to worry about today."
Dallas Drapal, UNL Student 2019

Dallas Drapal

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Mechanical Engineering

“Working for NSRI definitely sets you as an undergraduate ahead of others in skill, responsibility, dependability and experience."
Dylan Christiansen, UNO Student 2019

Dylan Christiansen

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Computer Science

"There are opportunities for students to work on projects that require a security clearance. This can open more doors for people interested in careers that support national security." 
Evie Ehrhorn, UNO student 2019

Evie Enhorn

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Molecular & Biomedical Biology

 "I am very proud to be a part of a program where my research is contributing to a greater cause of protecting people and providing defense not only for the present, but for the future as well."

Undergraduate & Graduate Student Internship Opportunities

Our institute is proud to inspire and mentor students
who will be the defense-related scientists of the future.

There are no positions open at this time.

Intern Requirements

NSRI programs are intended for highly motivated, committed students.

If selected, undergraduate and graduate students will contribute directly to federal government contracts or within the mission space of a DOD sponsor. Each program may have its own requirements, but all programs maintain specific minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements

  • Completed at least one year of a four-year undergraduate degree program
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale
  • Due to the nature of the work at NSRI, most positions will require U.S. citizenship

Wargaming Exercises

November 2020 virtual wargame

Through roleplaying, wargaming unearths unique insights and variables in complex and competitive situations that wouldn’t necessarily arise in simple discussions or brainstorming. The technique allows participants to gain better insight into decision-making.

Wargames can be applied to any competitive scenario, from global politics to local business to risk management. NSRI uses wargames to bring students together to discover potential solutions to the country’s most perplexing issues.

Connect with us below if you are interested in participating in or creating a wargame for students.

NSRI hosts Army vs Air Force ROTC virtual wargame for WPI

Connect With Us

Have a question about an application or do you want to partner to create a new student opportunity? Let us know!



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