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NSRI Research Facilities

Collaborative Biosecurity Laboratory

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Fredericksburg Field Office & Laboratory

Fredericksburg, VA

National Capital Region (NCR) Laboratory & Conference Center

Annapolis Junction, MD

Space Coast Field Office

Melbourne, FL

Featured University of Nebraska Facilities


Biocontainment Unit

Commissioned in 2005 by the United States Centers for Disease Control, the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit (NBU) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine provides the first line of treatment for people affected by bio-terrorism or highly hazardous communicable diseases. The NBU is one of only a few biocontainment units in the United States and is the largest, with up to a 10-bed capacity depending upon the specific infection.

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Biological Process Development Facility (BPDF)

The Biological Process Development Facility (BPDF) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln offers biopharmaceutical process development designed for successful technology transfer from the bench to large-scale GMP manufacturing. The BPDF develops scalable processes and manufactures material suitable for non-clinical and clinical studies. Specializing in recombinant peptides and proteins, the BPDF has produced GMP materials since 1998. During this time, processes for more than 50 products including vaccines, other biotherapeutics, chemokines and agricultural/industrial enzymes have been developed. 

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Davis Global Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center

Davis Global Center

The Dr. Edwin G. & Dorothy Balbach Davis Global Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is a highly advanced clinical simulation facility purposefully designed to foster the practice of patient care in highly-functioning and effective interprofessional teams. The Davis Global Center provides realistic replicated health care settings in which teams can practice and experiment safely.

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Durham Research Centers (DRC)

State-of-the-art facilities at the University of Nebraska Medical Center that have a combined 541,000 square feet of seminar rooms, auditoriums and laboratories, including the Nebraska State Public Health Lab and UNMC Biodefense Research Laboratories.

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Extreme Light Laboratory

Extreme Light Laboratory

The Extreme Light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is the host of the Dicoles Laser, which harnesses more power than 100,000 Hoover Dams and speeds of 30 billionths of one millionth of a second. Diocles and physicist Dr. Donald Umstadter, principal scientist and director of the laboratory, are at the forefront of international high-field physics and laser research.

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UNMC Hologram


iEXCEL at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is a transformative model for health care education and training and offers unprecedented opportunities for research and development. Incorporating a wide range of simulation and visualization technologies, iEXCEL promotes experiential learning to achieve the vision of Global Leadership in Improving Human Performance and Effectiveness in Health Care.

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Featured University of Nebraska Centers


Center for Biosecurity, Biopreparedness, & Emerging Infectious Diseases (CBBEID)

Conducts research on biodefense and biosecurity related problems in animal and human health, bio-surveillance and detection of bioterrorism agents, epidemiological studies and antibiotic resistance.

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Center for Collaboration on Research Design and Analysis (CCORDA)

Provides expertise in the quantitative sciences, including biostatistics, epidemiology and health services research. Coordinates the collaborative design, planning, conduct, analysis and interpretation of laboratory, clinical and public health research studies.

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Center for Collaboration Science

Develops, validates and publishes scientific foundations for collaboration-related phenomena and helps organizations to apply findings to make performance differences.

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Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine (CDDN)

A world-class program integrating established expertise in drug delivery, gene therapy, neuroscience, pathology, immunology, pharmacology, vaccine therapy, cancer biology, polymer science and nanotechnology with state-of-the-art expertise, custom services and equipment.

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Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN)

A nationally recognized center of excellence in materials research science and engineering, nanoscience and nanotechnology. NCMN supports primary researchers who investigate atomic manipulation, properties affected by nanoscale dimensions, self-assembly, ordered nanoarrays, quantum dots and wires, nanoelectronics, quantum computing, nanomechanics, nano-optics, nanoelectromechanical systems, and molecular design.

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Nebraska Center for Virology

Addresses pathogenic and therapeutic questions of some the most devastating viral and neuro-immune disorders facing the global community. Molecular, epidemiological and biochemical approaches are employed to address fundamental questions concerning viral replication, latency, assembly and pathogenesis.

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As USSTRATCOM’s University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), the National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska provides an invaluable understanding of strategic deterrence and CWMD mission requirements gaps. Our institute’s rapid-response capabilities can help meet critical research and development needs. Connect with us to learn more.

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