Chemical Signatures Course

The Chemical Signatures Course is an introduction to chemical weapons and warfare agents. The topic is treated from a historical, developmental and likely use perspective. The toxic properties, exposure symptoms, countermeasures and basic synthetic methods for the major classes of chemical agents is reviewed. This course also delves into the development of these weapons and both past and possible use scenarios. The course is readily customized for the first responder, support team member or the war fighter. It provides a “what to look for” in common chemical weapons synthetic efforts. It serves as the basis for the Improvised and Clandestine Laboratory Course as well as other sampling and analysis courses offered by NSRI. The class can be offered at the Secret or Unclassified level.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Public Works
  • Public Health
  • Haxardous Materials

Course Length

  • Variable
  • 24-36 hours

Training Exercises

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