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NSRI All Hazards Response Training (AHRT) directors and multi-discipline programs provide Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) training scenarios across nationwide & international sites inside real-world, operational facilities, orchestrated by a cadre of subject matter experts. NSRI’s precision in AHRT National Level Exercises (NLEs) improve the counter-WMD preparedness of government agencies, law enforcement, public health and 1st responder personnel.

Established primarily to increase collaboration between Civil Support Teams (CSTs) and their local, state and federal assets that would normally respond to an act of terrorism in their home states, AHRT is one of the most requested counter-WMD preparedness training programs across the nation. Participating agencies benefit through improving communication and increasing cooperation between agencies while decreasing the number of non-credible samples collected by the responding agency.

NSRI AHRT instructors have provided training, exercise venue and guidance on all aspects of WMD response to over 3000+ individuals and 130+ agencies.

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