Improvised Explosive Device Awareness Course

IED/Explosives Awareness Course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills for First Responders to not only identify potential explosive threats, but identify the key components critical for determining response procedures. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) for Civil Support Team Members (MIL), law enforcement (LE), fire, to assist in the execution of their duties. The course will cover a brief history of the use of IEDs and their evolution as a terrorist attack weapon and, methods. Participants will be provided with explosives familiarization, to include recognition of commercial, military, and homemade explosives, as well as their function and uses. The class will further provide IED familiarization, to include information on the composition of an IED and the various sources of information available for the construction of IEDs. Additionally, participants will gain information on bomb threats and search procedures, to include evaluating the credibility of a bomb threat, recommendations on the development of a search team, and proper search procedures.

Attendees will participate in classroom lecture and practical labs designed to enhance the understanding of how IEDs function. Students will also be exposed to practical exercises focusing on the identification of an array of IEDs, their components, and triggering mechanisms. It will guide emergency personnel through the attack cycle in relation to the IED manufacturing process while identifying points of observable activity that can be communicated to emergency responders.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Public Works
  • Public Health
  • Haxardous Materials

Course Length

  • 8 Hours

Training Exercises

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