Tactical Response to WMD Course For Law-Enforcement

The Tactical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents has been created for first responder’s tactical teams, supervisors and administrators. The 40 hour (5-day course) gives the law enforcement or tactical response team the training on equipment and tactics needed to safely respond to, and operate in an environment involving the terrorist use of a weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapon).

The course covers a general awareness of chemical, biological and radiological and explosive hazards, improvised and clandestine laboratories, force protection options, concept of operations in a WMD environment, the appropriate technique of donning & doffing and operating in various levels of personal protective equipment, identify the differences between chemical, biological and radiological/nuclear hazards, understanding their areas of operation & terrorism response capabilities. One of the main objectives of this course is to utilize or develop each teams Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Additional topics covered will be self, hasty and emergency decontamination, first aid in a hazardous environment, tactical considerations and officer safety issues in dealing with a small or large scale WMD event.

This is an intense course of practical application and scenario based training. At the conclusion of the course students will be able to recognize WMD threats, choose the protective equipment for their mission profile, and safely execute their mission objectives in a hazardous environment, provide emergency decontamination, mitigation and stabilization of the incident. The culminating event for this course is a full-scale exercise designed to reinforce lessons learned throughout the week.

Strong emphasis on interactive and practical exercises. Simulations are an important part of the course. We ensure a challenging but safe learning environment.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Public Works
  • Public Health
  • Haxardous Materials

Course Length

  • 40 Hours

Training Exercises

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