Travel Security Class

Millions of people travel every year on business, education or for pleasure, often to countries that have a high risk of crime and terrorism. The National Strategic Research Institute has developed a basic safety travelers program to aid individuals or groups travelling abroad to remain safe. NSRI in collaboration with University of Nebraska to promote its guidance on travel security awareness and training. The course is broken down into modules that follow your journey from start to finish and focuses on best practices to enable you to have a safe and secure trip. Each module will guide you through practical, effective steps for remaining safe, so that by the end of the course you will have an awareness of how potentially unsafe situations arise and a suite of planned responses to such situations, should they occur.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Public Works
  • Public Health
  • Haxardous Materials

Course Length

  • 8 Hours

Training Exercises

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