Problem Statement Number: 1


Problem Statement Title:

Deployment of Multiple Hazard Reporting Sensors using Small Unmanned Aircraft

Problem Statement:

Deployment methods for CBRN-relevant unattended ground sensors are sought. Individual devices in the 1 to 10-pound weight range are not commonly deliverable by small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft, and those that are are often limited to one device per flight due to center-of-gravity changes affecting flight stability.

Operational Use Scenario:

Small unmanned aircraft capable of precisely deploying multiple payloads (such as CBRN sensors) would enhance the ability to form information gathering networks across the battlespace by reducing the number of flights required to deploy a fixed number of sensors.


A man-portable, light weight system capable of deploying multiple payloads (1-10 lb range) with a high position accuracy to reduce the time and resources necessary to create a battlespace sensor network to gather information on CBRN threats.

Technology Research Areas of Interest:

Unmanned aircraft technologies, with adaptations for payload deployment and precision emplacement. Reduced-size/weight CBRN detection devices able to communicate relevant information back to a common operational picture.