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Nuclear Weapons Enterprise Support


With our collaborative partners we have made valuable contributions in the areas of nuclear education, escalation dynamics research, table top exercises for civilian and military leaders, decision support tools, high-performance materials research, advanced manufacturing of components, conceptual nuclear weapon design, survivability of forces, NC3 research and deterrence policy requirements.


We help to strengthen nuclear security by conducting research in the areas of weapon and material security, proliferation technology R&D, proliferation technology detection and nuclear nonproliferation advice to relevant U.S. agencies. Additional research in the area of nuclear counterterrorism includes detection of special nuclear material, radiological material characterization, rapidly deployable nuclear sensors, hazard modeling research and medical countermeasure research in cases of radiological exposure.


Though the geopolitical environment for diplomacy has been unfavorable recently, arms control remains an essential tool for the U.S. to reduce nuclear risks to itself and its allies and partners. To support our customers and sponsors, NSRI and the University of Nebraska research diplomatic and foreign engagement options in all areas of nuclear arms control, nonproliferation and verification.

NSRI & University of Nebraska Capabilities

NSRI, with research faculty at the University of Nebraska, is poised to support the top national priority of nuclear deterrence and risk reduction through a range of research areas.

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Academic Wargaming Center


Arms Control and Nonpoliferation


Weapons Policy

explosion and cloud

Consequence Management


Enterprise Support Technologies

Conflict Deterrence and Escalation Dynamics

Work With NSRI

As USSTRATCOM’s University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), the National Strategic Research Institute at the University of Nebraska provides an invaluable understanding of strategic deterrence and CBRNE-related requirements gaps. Our Institute’s rapid-response capabilities can help meet your research and solutions needs. Connect with us to find out what we can accomplish together.

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