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innovation for mission-essential research


Ranging from developing an agent to protect from COVID-19 to understanding the neuroscience of national security decision making to building sensors for detection of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and more, the 2021 NSRI IRAD projects continue to prove University of Nebraska researchers and students have tremendous capacity for innovation and foresight in the realm of national security.

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NSRI IRAD Priorities

NSRI IRAD Priorities are determined on an annual basis.

The Priorities listed below are FY22.  FY23 IRAD Priorities will be released shortly: 

Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Programs

Detecting and Countering Biological, Chemical & Radiological Weapons

Medical Countermeasures

Threat-Based Training & Exercise Support


Important dates for the 2023 NSRI IRAD program will be provided soon.

Selection Process

NSRI is managing the application and selection process for its independent research and development program through the NU Collaboration Initiative in the preliminary data and application preparation grant category.

Within this category, reviewers will be asked to rate applications to determine the potential for the PI/Co-PIs to build research teams that will actively seek and ultimately receive extramural funding.

Final decision on efforts selected for funding under NSRI IRAD will be made by the NSRI Science and Technology Advisory Council. Final funding decisions will be made by the Vice Provost and the Executive Vice President and Provost.


Have a question? Ask it here, and we'll get back to you soon. Please note, NSRI IRAD only funds projects led by University of Nebraska researchers, faculty, students and staff.

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