NSRI to upload Nebraska's COVID-19-related innovations to DoD database

March 30, 2020

The National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI) at the University of Nebraska is facilitating the upload of COVID-19-related innovations from the University of Nebraska and Nebraska businesses to Vulcan, a Department of Defense (DoD) innovation database.


With the general call to submit COVID-19 solutions to Vulcan ending 31 March 2020, NSRI will use its immediate and ongoing access to submit relevant concepts, products and services, allowing Nebraska’s resources to continue to appear to DoD personnel and tech scouts as they navigate the system for responses to the pandemic. Submissions should address critical capabilities that impact public safety and national security.

To submit to NSRI, please complete this form.


Once received, NSRI will review submissions and, if applicable, offer suggestions to increase collaboration across the campuses, organizations and businesses. The information requested on the NSRI intake form is needed to fully submit to Vulcan.


Please contact Traci Hancock, NSRI deputy director strategic engagement and innovation, with questions.