Counter-WMD Technologies

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The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is seeking a U.S. citizen to provide support of research and development activities for identification, characterization, neutralization, and elimination of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. Particular emphasis is placed on exploring novel approaches for addressing capability gaps in the aforementioned mission areas by borrowing from the structures, principles, and strategies adopted by the biological world. The candidate must have a Ph.D. or equivalent in one or more of the biologically-oriented physical or computational sciences such as biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, environmental sciences, toxicology, radiation biology, bioinformatics, or systems biology inter alia. An interdisciplinary background is preferred, and candidates should be willing and flexible to learn and review concepts beyond their specialty. Strong quantitative abilities and communication skills are sought.

Work Description:

The position is not a laboratory research assignment but instead is focused on (1) honing and redirection of technical aptitude to address Counter-Weapons of Mass Destruction needs and (2) development of program management skills that prepare post-doctoral scholars for entry into public or private sector careers where both business and technical skills are required.

The post-doctoral scholar will be physically located at the DTRA office building in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The following are emphasized: (1) depth of analytic thinking to identify critical research needs and opportunities and (2) follow-up management of investments in applied research awards to foster success of the portfolio.

The successful candidate will provide general programmatic support by (1) identifying and integrating creative solutions into extant research portfolios and (2) identifying completely novel approaches to addressing emerging and future threats. Primary tasks will include: developing technical reference documents and presentations; developing research topics and providing independent evaluation of research grants; providing technical and logistical assistance in support of Interagency working groups; attending professional meetings, workshops, conferences, reviews and symposia to support research focus areas; and participating in day-to-day grant management activities, including technical as well as financial activities.

Eligibility & Requirements

Candidate must be a US citizen.

Candidates must be able to obtain a SECRET level security clearance.

Candidates must have a doctoral degree
(students who will have degree conferred within six months are encouraged to apply).

Location: Fort Belvoir, VA
(applicants must be willing to relocate to greater Washington, DC area).

Term: 1-3 years.


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