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Medical Defense against Weapons of Mass Destruction

Medical defense is a critical component of our preparedness in response to the threat of biological and chemical WMDs. NSRI/NU has the expertise and facilities to discover, evaluate, and manufacture novel medical countermeasures; furthermore, NU has internationally recognized clinical expertise in patient bio-containment and pioneering treatment protocols.

"Recent history has reminded us of the threat posed by the use of biological and chemical weapons. As terrorist organizations become more sophisticated with these weapons, it is critical that we invest in the development of effective countermeasures against them. The unique capabilities at the University of Nebraska in the development of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics provides an outstanding foundation for the mission of the National Strategic Research Institute."
Ken Bayles , PhD

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NSRI has the expertise, facilities, and resources to rapidly develop medical countermeasures from exploration, design, and development to piloting, manufacturing, and field use. Our research has a demonstrated record of performance in design & development of select agent vaccines, novel preventative & prophylactic treatments for neurotoxins, innovative approaches to vaccine and drug delivery, and research & development of personal protective equipment providing therapeutic countermeasures for military and civilian use.

Medical passive defense against weapons of mass destruction encompasses three distinct components: the discovery, testing & evaluation, and advanced development & manufacturing of medical countermeasures (MCM). NSRI is uniquely positioned to generate solutions for all three components of medical defense. NSRI/NU has designed or discovered thousands of compounds and hundreds of vaccines for a variety of pathogens-including select agents. Extensive research expertise and equipment facilitates extensive characterization of pathogens, identification of molecular targets, and evaluation/design of novel MCMs. We also have two biological production facilities that support initial scale-up feasibility studies to phase I clinical trials.

Dr. Ken Bayles on Medical Defense against Biological Threats

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