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Problem Solvers

For a decade

NSRI links high-caliber researchers with real-world national security challenges. NU researchers and students as well as NSRI's own scientists have delivered hundreds of solutions to the federal government.

Thank you to all of our colleagues and partners who have applied their expertise and foresight to our mission. Following are just a few highlights of the incredible work that has been accomplished.

Nebraska Intelligent MoBile Unmanned Systems Lab

Monitoring and entering non-permissive environments is difficult and dangerous. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln NIMBUS Lab has developed multiple enhancements for unmanned aerial systems, including digging, swarming and collection capabilities. These can greatly reduce the risk of military operations and increase the range of areas that can be remotely monitored.

Pictured: NSRI Fellow Dr. Justin Bradley (left), co-director of the UNL NIMBUS Lab, with doctoral students Daniel Rico and Chandima Fernando during a drone swarm demonstration.


Nebraska Drug Discovery & Development Pipeline

In many cases, pharmaceutical drugs can be used to protect soldiers (and civilians) both before and after exposure to biological, chemical and radiological weapons. However, these types of pharmaceuticals do not always offer a promise of profitability, so the traditional pathways to development are often closed. The Nebraska Drug Discovery and Development Pipeline (ND3P), created and contributed to by NU researchers through NSRI, fills this gap.

Pictured: Dr. Rebecca Oberley-Deegan (left), ND3P project contributor, Dr. Ken Bayles, ND3P co-director, and Dr. David Berkowitz, ND3P co-director.


NSRI Fellows & Innovators

Within the last two years NSRI has launched two priority initiatives for its scientists and strategists to collaborate even more purposefully with NU researchers and students.

  • NSRI Fellows: 123 NU researchers appointed by the institute to address the complexities associated with the threats of today and of the future
  • NSRI Independent Research & Development: Teams develop technical capabilities and competencies focused on detecting and countering weapons of mass destruction

Pictured: Robert Taylor, USSTRATCOM director for capability and resource integration, provides the keynote address at NSRI Fellows Conference in April 2022 at UNL.

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