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medical countermeasures

Across the CBRNE threat spectrum

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Multi-disciplinary collaboration is essential

Broad Capabilities

CBRNe challenges call for solutions that match the complexity and scope of potential outcomes. Often, it is necessary to leverage multiple academic disciplines to find these solutions. Following is an introduction to the many capabilities from the University of Nebraska System in this space.

Disaster medicine & global health security

Decades of persistence, planning and training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center built tremendous emergency preparedness capacity that continues to be leveraged by U.S. national security and response agencies.

Working closely with experts and leaders from the UNMC Global Center for Health Security, NSRI diligently connects DOD needs to research and training programs.

High-consequence pathogen-infected patient management & training

NU’s vast body of infectious diseases research, growing credentials and expanding leadership responsibilities in this space ensure that NSRI can provide the DOD with access to innovative training, response capabilities and facilities should a crisis arise.

Vaccine, therapeutic, diagnostic discovery & development

NU provides the ability to mass produce drugs under Good Manufacturing Practice standards to support clinical trials, vaccine development, pathogen and pathogenesis basic research, next-generation diagnostics development, aerobiology studies, bioinformatics, biosurveillance and more. Highlights include: 

Military health, performance & rehabilitation

Leading clinical and translational research and a passion for service to our warfighters, push NU forward in innovative research to help ensure a physically and mentally prepared and capable fighting force. Of particular interest are the following labs and centers.

Featured Facilities

Among its many credentials, the University of Nebraska System offers Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT) Registered Laboratory Space and holds the Federal Wide Assurance Certification.

Workforce Development

Today and tomorrow's challenges require constant training and education of the current and future workforce. NU and NSRI contribute through several leading programs, including those listed below.

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Connect With NSRI

As the DOD-designated University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) of U.S. Strategic Command and the University of Nebraska System, the National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI) delivers solutions for strategic deterrence and CWMD mission requirements gaps. Our rapid-response capabilities and efficient contracting vehicle can help federal government program managers meet critical research and development needs. Connect with us to learn more.

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